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Econ Windows is a local window company providing installation and construction services for all of Phoenix, AZ. From commercial to residential properties, Econ Windows understands the importance of windows in any building project. Window replacement from Econ Windows can help reduce energy costs as well as provide your home or office with new insulation and ventilation. In addition to new construction projects, we also offer repair and maintenance services that can extend the life of your existing windows without expensive replacements! If you’re interested in learning more about our products or services please call us today!

What is a garden window and what are its benefits?

A garden window is a type of window that protrudes from the wall of your home, typically used to grow plants or herbs. Garden windows provide natural light and ventilation into your home while also adding extra space to your interior decor. Because they are typically installed in kitchens or bathrooms, garden windows can be a great way to add value and functionality to any room.

The main benefit of garden window installation is the added light and ventilation. In kitchens, you can use your new windows as a counter space for food preparation or simply to display fancy plants that add color to any room. Bathrooms especially enjoy having an extra source of natural lighting during the day when most people are washing up in front of their mirrors.

Although that’s the main benefit of garden window installation, there are also other benefits to consider. In kitchens, a new set of windows can help you save on utility bills by reducing energy costs as well as providing better insulation from hot or cold temperatures outside! A bathroom is especially thankful for ventilation since humidity and steam build up naturally in any room with a hot shower.

installation process 

The installation process for garden windows is pretty straightforward. The window is first measured to ensure a perfect fit, and then the frame is installed into the opening in your wall. After that, the window is put into place and secured with screws or nails. Once it’s all set up, you can start enjoying the extra light and ventilation this unique window provides!

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Types of garden windows 

There are many different styles of garden windows to choose from including casement, hopper and awning. Each style has its own benefits depending on where you want it installed in your home or business!

The most common types of garden windows include:

Casement Garden Windows – This is the most common type of garden window, typically used in kitchens or bathrooms. The casement opener can be opened to regulate airflow and prevent heat buildup. Casement windows are also great for use as a DIY project because they don’t require much installation work – just some basic measuring and screwing into place!

Hopper Garden Windows – These windows open inward and are perfect for tight spaces where you need the extra ventilation but don’t have much room to spare. The hopper window is also a great choice if you want to install a garden window in your kitchen because it can be used as an additional counter space.

Awning Garden Windows – Awning windows are hinged on the side, making it easy to open and close them. They’re also ideal for use as a DIY project because they can be installed in any opening – there is no need for custom measurements! These windows are perfect if you want more natural lighting on your patio or porch without compromising air circulation.

Hinged Garden Windows – Although hinged windows are similar to hopper windows, they open outward and have a larger window pane. They’re perfect for installing in your living room or dining area because you can enjoy the natural light without compromising air circulation around any heaters or vents!

Garden window cost 

The cost of garden window installation is largely dependent on the type of window you want to install. Casement windows are typically less expensive than hopper or awning style windows because they’re slightly easier to install and can be used in many different places throughout your home!

Casement: $100-$300 (depending on size, make and model)

Hopper: $120-$350 (depending on size, make and model)

Awning: $125-$400 (depending on size, make and model) 

Hinged Window: $150-600 (depending on the width of the window pane as well as its other features.

How to care for your window 

Garden windows are not as delicate as they look – in fact, if you treat them with care and basic maintenance steps, your garden window should last for many years! The first step to making sure the glass pane stays clean is keeping it covered. During cold or rainy weather conditions, make sure that any moisture can be drained before covering up the window. You can either use a water-resistant cover or install a gutter system to divert the water away from the window.

If you have any pets or small children, make sure they know not to climb on or play near the garden window. The glass is fragile and could easily break if someone were to fall onto it!

Finally, always remember to clean the glass pane with a soft cloth and water, then dry it off. These steps will ensure that your garden window stays in good condition for many years!

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